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Artificial Lawn

Is your lawn getting you down, are you tired of the endless mowing, feeding, weed killing and reseeding the bare patches; is it muddy in the winter and scorched in the summer? Maybe you just don’t have the time and you want something easier to maintain or maybe you’re not physically able to care for a lawn but still want that lush, green lawn look rather than opting for perhaps gravel or paving.

We all know the impact a neatly trimmed, luscious lawn can have and how it can really set off all the other elements in a garden such as pathways, patios and driveways. The good news is that the perfect, manicured lawn is no longer just a dream! Artificial lawns are now much more realistic and there are a number of different types to choose from offering various looks and textures in order to replicate natural turf. As well as looking fantastic, it’s also a hard wearing and low maintenance alternative which means it’s also great for kids and pets alike.
If you have a young family and your lawn often bears the brunt of the rough and tumble of child’s play there are artificial lawns that are specifically designed to cope with this. They have monofilament fibres which have exceptional split resistance compared with normal turf and are not only very durable but also slide friendly.
For many pet owners dealing with muddy paws and a lawn full of holes can be a real bugbear. Then there’s the stained or dead patches caused by the repeated “calls of nature”. We know however that our furry friends love a patch of grass to call their own and this is still possible with artificial lawns. With it’s minimal maintenance compared with real turf, easy installation and the fact that it’s also kind to sensitive paws proves that this can be the ideal solution for both you and your pets to enjoy your lawn all year round.
So if you’re considering artificial grass as an option for your garden please get in touch to discuss the different options available and see how we can transform your outdoor living space!

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