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Is your driveway letting your property down? Is it cracking, stained or disintegrating; or maybe you don’t have one and would like to stop having to park on the roadside? A quality driveway can enhance your property and even increase its value.
Our award winning team can design and build you the driveway you’ve been dreaming of! We offer a vast array of styles, finishes and colours for you to choose from in order to help create a design that best fits your lifestyle and property.


Whilst there are many options to choose from when considering what type of driveway you would like, the most economical option is probably gravel and it’s also the quickest to install. A great example of gravel driveways can be seen at Floors Castle in Kelso. We offer the same hard wearing Cheviot Gravel laid at Floors Castle to give that “Stately” appearance.

It is worth bearing in mind however that eventually the top surface will need relaying, particularly where car wheels continuously impact, as the weight will cause the gravel to break down and compact. To prolong the life of your gravel driveway a permeable driveway grid can be installed which holds and stabilises the gravel and contains a Geotextile to help prevent weed growth. However this is still susceptible to wear and tear and we recommend a more hard wearing solution.

For something more robust and unique we recommend block paving of some sort is usually the best solution. This gives you the option of a more contemporary and sleek finish with many different stone materials to choose from. You can also incorporate different patterns into the design giving you a more individual feel and this can also be enhanced by using coordinating kerbs, walling, pathways and edging to complete your ideal design.
When creating any type of hard landscaping areas for parking good drainage is always an important consideration as heavy and/or sustained rainfall can cause drainage systems to become overloaded. We are proud to offer a whole range of materials that will return rainfall to the water table without the need for membranes, soakways etc and therefore have a positive impact on the environment.

It is important to understand that homeowners are responsible for any planning permission or consent you may require when putting in a new Driveway. If you live in a conservation area, a listed building or are just unsure about the regulations affecting your project we can advise and help with planning to find the most suitable material and solution.

With such an array of options to choose from there can be lots of decisions to be made, so if you are considering a new driveway please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how our award winning team can help you achieve your very own desirable driveaway!

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