2018: Regional Award Winner

Garden design, patio, paths, artificial grass & landscaping by Stow Construction & Landscaping in Morningside Grove, Edinburgh 2018 using Marshalls Fairstone Riven Harena Golden Sand, Marshalls Fairstone Riven Harena Golden Sand new circle, Marshalls Tegula Drivesett Harvest, Weatherpoint Buff 365, Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Vesuro bull-nosed step units, Namgrass, Marshalls Drivesett kerbs Harvest

Best Use of New Marshalls Products

Designed by Graeme Steel to replace old gravel, sleepers and concrete slabs and create an outdoor living space for the enjoyment of the clients. We used Fairstone Riven Harena Golden Sand including a new circle feature. Tegula Drivesett Harvest was used for detailing. Products were selected to compliment the sandstone house. Extensive detailed cutting of the sandstone was involved around the new circle feature, the curved edges and the manhole covers. Namgrass artificial lawn installed to create low maintenance grass areas. Morningside Grove, Edinburgh

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