Get your garden winter ready!

Leaves on Lawn
Our latest article highlights 6 steps to ensure your garden is ready for the colder, darker months. Putting in a little extra work now will ensure your outdoor living space will look it’s best when Spring comes around next year.


Tidy paths and driveways. 

It’s important at this time of year to keep paths and driveways clear of leaves, it’s best to do this when they are dry and crisp and before they begin to rot and become slippery. Another way of ensuring paths and decking are less slippery is to give them a good clean before the frost comes. You can use a stiff brush and soapy water or pressure washer if you have one (being careful on decking not to damage the wood). If it’s needed this is also a good time to re-stain or treat your timber (once it has been cleaned, stripped and dried). 

Clean furniture.

The winter months are a good time to repair and clean your garden furniture as it’s not being used so much. Plastic furniture can be cleaned with just soapy water, for metal furniture you may want to also apply a wax polish once cleaned. For wooden furniture use a soft brush to clean off any dirt and debris and then wash down and leave to dry, as with the decking you may wish to apply a stain or finish if required at this point. If you can, store garden furniture in a shed or garage over winter but if this isn’t an option then garden furniture covers are a good alternative.

Tidy up water features and ponds.

It’s a good idea to put a temporary cover over any ponds or water features during Autumn whilst the leaves are falling, this avoids them becoming clogged and will give you less work to do when cleaning them. If your pond has become a bit murky it’s a good time to clean out accumulated debris as most of the inhabitants are becoming dormant and if you have any fish do make sure to try and keep the surface from freezing over completely in the winter.

Prepare the lawn.

To maintain your lawn you should go over it with a lawn rake to remove any thatch and moss this allows the lawn to breathe and therefore grow better. If moss is a problem in your lawn then you may have drainage issues and it’s advisable to aerate the lawn using a spike aerator or a garden fork will also do the job.

Plant bulbs.

After a long winter there is nothing more heartening than the first signs of your Spring bulbs coming through and brightening up your garden. You should get these planted now to ensure you have something colourful to look forward to next year.

Lighting the way.

Why not light up the longer nights with some creative outdoor lighting. Not only will good lighting help to ensure your home is more secure but it can also make your winter garden more attractive – outside lights aren’t just for Christmas! Use clever lighting to highlight architectural features as well as trees and topiary or to help illuminate paths and driveways to create a welcoming feel when you get home from work in the dark.

If you are considering redesigning or landscaping your garden please get in touch as this really can be a great time of year to get your garden transformed and ready for you to enjoy in the Spring!

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